2020 Peach Season

May 2020

Currently Talbott Farms is telling us that the crop damage is worse than first thought.  They are finding that only 10% to 25% of this years crop survived the freeze in mid April. Because the crop will be so small they are indicating that most, if not all of the crop will be sold only in Colorado and not shipped to us here in Minnesota.  Talbott Farms will know more in mid June as the peaches start to mature.  So at this point, We are sorry to say we are not expecting any Colorado Peaches here in Minnesota or elsewhere in the country. 

April 2020

The 2020 Colorado Peaches season is not starting out too good. The orchards suffered a freeze overnight this past April 13 -14 and there was damage to approximately 60% of the crop.  We will know more in the coming 3 weeks as to the extent of the damage to the crop.  At this point we are expecting very limited quantites of Colorado Peaches this year.  Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks




Why Colorado Peaches?

Colorado Peaches are grown in the perfect climate. The hot days are contrasted with cool nights which brings out the maximum sweetness in a peach. We have found through the years that the Colorado peaches simply taste the best.

Talbott Farms Mountain Gold Peaches

Here is a link below to view a video about Talbott Farms orchard from 2018 Harvest.
(you will see that they also have grapes in the video, These are grown to make wine that they sell at the farm and not available here in Minnesota)

Why "Mountain Gold"?

We have found that Talbott’s “Mountain Gold” Colorado peaches have consistently had the best quality of all of the Colorado peaches. The difference is in how the peaches are handled during the picking , grading, packing and shipping process. Talbott’s has very stringent quality and grading standards which produces the best quality boxes of peaches on a consistent basis.

About Colorado Peaches

Mountain Gold Colorado Peaches

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Why BoB’s

Just as the peaches need the proper handling during the growing and pack-ing process, they also need to be handled properly at the store to ensure that they will “Finish” properly to be sweet and juicy, (not dry and mushy) We take extra care to monitor every box closely from the time we receive it until you take it home!

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